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Help & Information

Default WEP keys on Fios wireless routers are not randomly generated. They are actually calculated based on the router's MAC address, as is the SSID. This means you don't need to hack WEP to get the key. Just do some math with the SSID and presto, WEP keys.

Enter your ESSID into the box and press Decode.
E3X12 should equal 1801349FCA
NAMX2 should equal 18014B311F
MWXV2 should equal 180149FF66
R0LC7 should equal 1801BC5C6B
JE2K7 should equal 1801C1B02B
HH150 should equal 1F900396C5
3RA18 should equal 1801CDF4AF
OQ838 should equal 1801CF5700
7WY20 should equal 1F90021D27
C7WA0 should equal 1F9007C188
DJP80 should equal 1F90063349
BJ2Z0 should equal 1F9018F797
RSHZ0 should equal 1F901944DB

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