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Help & Information

Enter a number in the number box.

Select your method:
   Claimed Percentage - If a hosts claims 99.9% Uptime, then they are allowed to be down for 43.83 minutes per month.
   Minutes Offline - If your site was down for 180 minutes (3 hours) in one month then the host has a 99.5893136% uptime.

Select a Month
   Months - The number of days is different for each month. For max precision, choose a relevant month.
   Average - We average a months time to be 43829.07 minutes and a years time to be 525978.77 minutes. Using the Average in the months field the year will be averaged as well.

Enter a Year
The current year is the default. If you set the Month to Average, the year field is irrelevant!

The industry standard is measured in Months. The Day, Week, and Year results are information only. They should not be considered "real" uptime/allowed down time for argumentative purposes !

Min Percent: 0
Max Percent : 99.9999999

Google Says:
Minutes in a day: 1440
Minutes in a week: 10080
Avg. minutes in a month: 43829.07
Avg. minutes in a year: 525978.77

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